Starter Kit; A Guide for Adults with Type 1 Diabetes


Starter Kit; A Guide for Adults with Type 1 Diabetes.


This is a little project I had been working on since 2010 and I'm thrilled to announce that it's finally HERE! I came across the Starter Kit on an Australian website and thought it was a very valuable and informative document. I showed it to a few of my friends with type 1 who agreed. At this point I realised that there was a lack of educational booklets for people with type 1 diabetes living in Ireland. So I approached Diabetes Ireland, the only organisation for people with diabetes in Ireland and they encouraged me to undertake the project as they have limited resources.



I believed that the book would make a big difference to supporting people with type 1 diabetes and I delved in.


I, with the help of many Irish health professionals, especially Dr. Anna Clarke, Diabetes Ireland adapted this book from its original format, which was written by the Type 1 Diabetes Network; a group of young adults with type 1 diabetes in Australia. We sincerely thank them for giving their permission to adapt it for Ireland.

The Starter Kit is for newly diagnosed adults and contains lots of useful information on how to adjust to life as a person with diabetes, such as a “checklist of stuff to do within the first month after diagnosis” and “10 things we wish someone told us the day we were diagnosed”.



Established adults with type 1 diabetes and adolescents who have recently transitioned into the adult world of diabetes will find the Starter Kit useful too.  It includes information about where to find peer support, recommendations for books and websites, and links to all public resources available to a person with diabetes.

Everybody will appreciate the Cheat Sheet: this is a two-sided page of information aimed at those without type 1 diabetes.  It is there for you to copy and share with your family and friends and can help you get on with living your life rather than feeling compelled to be the “font of all diabetes knowledge.”


I hope that this book will help guide you on the right path to managing your diabetes successfully and open a world of support to you.


The Starter Kit is available to download from Diabetes Ireland’s website, however, you can get yourself a hard copy of this book also by contacting them on LoCall 1850 909 909 or by emailing your request to