Diabetes Ireland Logo
Diabetes Ireland Logo

Graphic Design

In 2012, I donated my time to redesigned Diabetes Ireland's logo when they were re-branding.


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Event Organiser

Our support group meetings have led to organising diabetes information events with healthcare professionals. I also participate raising the finances for these events. While fundraising isn't helping others so much, it is enabling us to maintain our support groups and spread awareness about diabetes outside of our community. I feel it’s very important to help others understand us and why we need what we need.


Patient Speaker

In May 2016, I was invited to speak at Future Health Summit, an international health care professional conference. It was a wonderful experience.

In November 2017, I will speak at the Diabetes Self Management Alliance Conference in Galway.


Blue Circle Voice

In October 2017, I became a Blue Circle Voice for International Diabetes Federation.  This initiative that aims to represent the interests of people living with, or affected by, diabetes, through a worldwide network of members and other stakeholders. BCV act as the global voice of people living with diabetes and draws upon the experiences of people living with diabetes.