My life with diabetes, so far

Wife Mother sister

Wife Mother sister

My name is Gráinne Flynn and I live on the west coast of Ireland, in County Clare. In this blog I write about my journey with type 1 diabetes but I am also a stay at home parent of two, I volunteer with Diabetes Ireland, I’m an event organiser, a patient speaker and a diabetes advocate.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1993, when I was 20. It turned my whole world upside down. I was a student living away from home and loving my independence as a young adult. I finished out my year in college and ran home to the place I remember being safe.

I “coasted”, blindly, through my diabetes management for the six years that following my diagnosis. Diabetes education didn’t exist in Ireland back then and so my management involved doing as I was told by all medical professionals, without knowing why. I felt very alone when it came to my diabetes.

In 1999, I met the first person to put me on the path of living well with diabetes. He asked where he could find information about my diabetes because he wanted me around for a long, long time and wanted to know how he could help me do that. I married him!

He was the first person in my life who didn’t want me to bear the responsibility of educating him, when I needed it myself.

Eventually, through moving to America, I found diabetes education and learned about carb counting in 2003. I heard about insulin pumps then too, but lack of information and knowledge meant that it would take me about another five years until I realised that I actually did want one and 7 years until I got one.  I started using my insulin pump in 2010 and this device has given my life the flexibility that raising a family absolutely requires.

I started using a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) in November 2015 and I'm totally loving that gadget.

I hope that you will join me on my journey and we can keep each other company.