A Shout Out to My Home Team

I am a huge champion for peer support to help us live with type 1 diabetes. My type 1 diabetes friend in Clare and around the country have kept me positive and fighting for almost 10 years now. But, as it's Valentine’s Day and the month of his birthday, this post is a tribute to my home team. My husband has been my very biggest supporter and cheerleader for over 15 years. Intel-Headshot

From that very first day, when he asked me for books on type 1 diabetes so that he could learn something about it, to every day I have to use the code words “low”, “hypo”, “help” or “I’m fine” (biggest codeword ever for I’m not fine). Thankfully, that’s not too often.

He came to my most recent hospital appointment so that he could learn to insert my Continuous Glucose Monitoring sensor for me. 

He shares research articles he finds in The New York Times- he actually brought my attention to the Bionic Pancreas first all of those years ago.

He does 90% of the cooking (yes I know how lucky I am) and is always considerate of my carbohydrate, mmm, sensitivity.


All of my best ideas get bounced off him and therefore improved by his input.

He is constantly reminding me of what I can do.

He volunteers with Diabetes Ireland on their national council, even though he does not have diabetes. He even got to meet President Higgins on his first official act as president, but that’s another story.

He makes me feel like there are two of us working hard to keep me healthy.

He is my Type 3 and my Valentine.

By the way, hun, I have a feeling I’m going to suck again this year for your birthday - sorry! #SpareaRose and post on a blog:-D