Reasons to be EXCITED!!!

This past week has been a little bit mental, what with children on mid term, a bit of a raffle going on, some wedding invitation making and a bathroom demolition (*%$#@@).
I really didn't think I would have time to write a blog. However, I just had to write a quickie for this. Thanks to Animas, I am starting my trial of a CGM with my Vibe tomorrow!!! It's been a year in the determination. 
I don't know if it will make a huge difference in my life but I will let you all know. I have been using the "wizard" features of my Vibe a lot more and this has smoothed out my numbers quite a bit.
The "wizard" features are "Our pumps can: > Calculate a bolus amount to cover the carbs in food (ezCarb) > Automatically calculate a correction dose of insulin based on the latest blood sugar reading and incorporate the insulin on board (ezBG)"  from
I am also looking forward to a very much needed holiday with my hubby's family in Minnesota, where I will get eaten alive by mosquitoes but will not have to worry about the weather.
AND, if that wasn't enough I have received my itinerary for the Diabetes Advocate's MasterLab conference