New NovoRapid Package

Anyone notice the change in the NovoRapid Insulin packaging?

When I go to my pharmacist, or chemist as we say here in Ireland, I always watch as they pack my one month supply into a bag. Sometimes I get it wrong and order the wrong thing or sometimes they get it wrong.

Recently, as Catherine was packing my bag I saw something "foreign" looking. Is that a 100ml vial of NovoRapid?, I asked. So we both examined the package and determined that it was. But why does it look different? Catherine asked me to open it and, sure enough, it was the same on the inside.

I was happy to toddle off home and stock up my fridge.

The photo on the right shows the difference between the old and the new. The old is the smaller box on the top. Both bottles are the same size. The new allows the vial to rattle around in there noisily.

The new box is easier to read, so maybe that's why the product has been repackaged? Either way, I'm thinking 'is it still going to fit in my compartment in the fridge?The answer is just about and that's what's important to me;-)