Here come the....Statins!

I challenge anyone to say that sentence "Here come the...." and not finish it with "girls" while being reminded of the Boots Christmas ad of 2008.

Sorry about that - back to statins (yaaahhh!). I have had type 1 diabetes for 21 years now and have been complication free; not only complication free but apart from insulin I'm medication free too. I'm very proud of that! Even though, it probably had very little to do with all the work I put into managing my diabetes and more to do with genetics. It's very hard to kill off my family;-0

I've been in hospital twice in the last three years for minor things and when the pharmacist came around with her drug trolley, she would stand at the end of my bed trying to figure out why I didn't get anything from her. Such an awesome moment! Almost worth being in hospital for (not really though).

Anyway, at my last visit with my endocrinologist she pointed out that while all my test results were perfect she was keeping an eye on my cholesterol level which is now 2.9 (LDL). She would like that to be 2.5, which is the recommendation for people with diabetes.

So my days of insulin-only medication are numbered but I'm comforted that this is an action that will prevent a diabetes complication rather than a treatment for one.

You might be asking why I'm not trying to take the non-medication route on this? Well, I would find it extremely difficult to fit in any more vegetables into my diet, I'm already on high fibre, low fat (mostly) and low salt. I exercise more than the recommended 30 minutes/5 days a week. I feel that I've gotten this far medication free, I'm doing fairly well and I'm not willing to sacrifice any more "bad" living for the good of my health. However, I will be paying a little more attention to my saturated fats, cos I know I have a few of those.

Still, along with the grey hairs and the creaky joints, its another reminder that the best is over, that its time to take my feet off the pedals and just free wheel down the other side of the hill..... Just a little:-)