The Summer Holidays are about to begin....

For the month of July and August I have very little time to ponder the mysteries of my diabetes because I have two not-so-little-anymore people, who need to be provided with entertainment more than usual. So, we take turns, they come up with a few ways to fill the days and I come up with a few and any free time I have in between, is spend with coffee or in a vegetative state. Oh yeah and a little bit of house cleaning (a very little bit).
Monday afternoon this begins. And while it will be nice to not have the alarm set every morning, I know, there will be times when children will have to be separated from each other and I will have run out of or be too tired to come up with something new.
My diabetes will have to adapt to a new routine and by the time September rolls around I may just have figured it out.... or I might have my Dexcom and figure it out sooner??? 
P.S. I do have the Friends For Life Conference to look forward to on the 15th of August in London (!!!!!) and I'm looking forward to writing all about it in September.