10 Things You CAN say to a person with diabetes....

We've heard so much about what you should not say to a person with diabetes. At first, I really enjoyed all of these lists and they're useful to help me vent some of my diabetes frustration. But after a few years you get tired of reading the same thing worded in a different way.

So when I saw a most recent list, it suddenly occurred to me, "what would we like people to say to us?" I mean the numerous lists that inform people about what not to say isn't really all that helpful in encouraging people without diabetes to talk about it or to become more aware of what it is. If I were a non-diabetic confronted by a list of what not to say I think I would actually be too afraid to say anything and change the subject rather quickly.

So I'm putting on my thinking cap and I'm going to try and come up with some ideas on what to say to a person when they tell you they have diabetes. And maybe in the comment box you guys and gals can add some more suggestions.

Remember, you have just told someone; a stranger, a friend, a neighbour, an acquaintance, a loved one, a random person, that you or your son/daughter has diabetes (either type 1 or 2), what would you like to hear them say in response?

No. 1     I really don't know anything about diabetes, do you mind explaining it a little bit for me?

No. 2     What is living with diabetes like?

No. 3     Do you want to talk about it?

No. 4     Do you want a hug?

No. 5    Isn't that what Olympian, Steve Redgrave (or Olympian Kris Freeman, or Tom Hanks, or some other superstar who is living well with diabetes) has?

Sorry, I couldn't come up with 10 things. Help!