Exercise is Changing Diabetes


Changing DiabetesI can take or leave cycling.... Actually, if you take one look at me you can tell that I just about tick that box for exercise. ▖✓ However, this video came up several times in my twitter and facebook feed and on the 3rd time seeing it I thought maybe there is something in that that I should see and hear.

The answer is YES there was! It’s a 7 minute video filmed by the BBC and I feel, that it is a must see for all people with diabetes. Believe it or not there are still health care professionals in Ireland telling newly diagnosed people to give up exercise, especially competitive sports with their diabetes! 

These amazing people are changing the public’s perception of diabetes all over the world. It’s so powerful to hear about how much time and effort they put into their diabetes management and still make strides competitively. Team Novo Nordisk is the only all diabetes pro cycling team on the planet.

Phil Southerland, founding member of the professional cycling Team Type 1 speaks about how in a time where children with type 1 were not encouraged to exercise his mother saw something positive in his numbers when he did.

Our very own Stephen Clancy from Limerick is a member of this diabetes cycling team that is planning to compete in the 2021 Tour de France. His voice is featured in the introduction to the NovoNordisk promotional video. Stephen was aged 19, and on the path to a successfully career in pro-cycling , when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He was told to give it up!

Stephen Clancy

Thankfully, sometimes it pays off to not listen to your medical team. Please share this video and encourage our children with diabetes to not give up on their dreams because of diabetes and to inspire others.