Happy Blog-aversary!

This month, I will have been writing this blog for five years. Holy Moly!

What started out as a way to find more people with type 1 diabetes became therapy for me. And because it started out as a way to try and find more Irish people with diabetes, and more specifically to connect with more people with type 1, is why I named it Diabetes People.

I didn't think that there was enough thoughts in my head about my own life with diabetes to maintain a blog and so I had intended to ask other people to share their thoughts and experiences in living with diabetes too.

I also thought that if I came across a valuable piece of information for people with diabetes that posting it in one place one time was not going to reach very many people. And so, I would try to help post it in as many places as possible to make it easier for people with diabetes to find.

The idea of sharing other people's diabetes stories didn't really take off, so my blog became more about my own life with type 1 diabetes. I post once per week and I've tried to remain constant with that, except for a little while where I need all of my headspace to deal with heavy issues.

I've always used writing as therapy when I'm overwhelmed, ever since I was a teen. I knew I wasn't very good at writing and never had any expectations that I would become a successful blogger. I still believe that.

Happy 5th Birthday Diabetes People Blog

I didn't dare hope that I could be like any of those really talented writers with diabetes; like SixuntilMe's Kerri Sparling, BitterSweet's Karen Graffeo, those on Diabetesmine, etc. to name but a few.

Thankfully, I didn't have to rely on this blog to connect with irish people with diabetes. Thanks to Facebook groups we have a strong diabetes online community in Ireland; several in fact. And of course there is my diabetes support group in Ennis, Co. Clare.

I really appreciate all of you who take the time to read my musings and opinions, however "out there"they may be. I hope that I have helped you in small way, as you have helped me by appreciating this blog.

So five years down and I still feel like this is only the beginning :-D