Friends for Life Conference Orlando

The Friends for Life conference (FFL) was started by the organisation in the United States where families could meet each other and have a vacation in Disneyland.

Today, the FFLconference has evolved into a national mega-conference that 1,000 people with diabetes attend. It's open to ALL family members, including grandparents and now has programmes for the adults living with type 1 diabetes, as well as all the age groups of children and young people. They even have a FFL in the United Kingdom.

You may remember last August when I blogged almost endlessly after I had been lucky enough to attend FFL UK with my friend Christine!!!

The experience was fantastic and was where the seed of Thrive-abetes turned into a sapling.

So when I saw a post on Facebook from the Diabetes Hands Foundation offering scholarships to attend FFL or FFL MasterLabs I was jealous. Then! I remembered that I was married to an American and that we have planned to visit his family in Minnesota this coming July. I was actually going to be in the US while the conference is taking place and there fore less expensive to sponsor.

So I applied for a sponsorship!!! Hey, if you're not in, you can't win:-)

Guess what! Yep! I won a scholarship to the MasterLab advocacy conference which I have extended to include registration for FFL conference.

1st reason to be excited - I'm going to Orlando, Florida! I've never been before.
No. 2 reason to be excited I'm going to FFL!!!!!
No. 3 reason, well let me show you with this short video.