Did you test Mom?

Yesterday, I wrote about my son, so today I'm writing about my daughter who is 10 and who makes me so proud everyday.

Mondays evenings are tough in my house. Especially, when the chef (i.e. hubby) is on a business trip!!!

I usually cook dinner before swimming lessons and then heat it up when we get home. Last Monday, while I was waiting for dinner to reheat, I tested my blood glucose and took my bolus.

I normally do this when I sit to the table.

I should probably explain that we also have a "good table manners" policy at the dinner table. This means nobody can start eating until everyone is at the table with food in front of them. I know we're weird in our house!

We do have one addition to the rule; everyone can start eating if everyone is at the table with food in front of them and if Mom is testing.

Last Monday, when we all sat at the table and we all started eating and my daughter asked; Did you test Mom? Here was me thinking that they really don't see any of my diabetes stuff any more, especially since the time my daughter said "that's new!" referring to a new glucose meter I had gotten one year earlier.

You never know with children do you? I just hope she doesn't ever become a member of the diabetes police!

My young lady