Diabetes is your career Mom, isn't it?


I have two children aged 10

and 3/4

and 8 years, whom I am so proud of and absolute adore.

My 10 year old has figured out a lot of things about the world works already, but my 8 year old is still working things out. He figures things out vocally and has a very different way of thinking than I do. Actually, I think he has a different way of thinking than most of the world:-)

I love watching his face as he processes information and draws a conclusion. But, sometimes he in a completely different direction.

He was thinking about "Careers". Why? I haven't got a clue. He announced that his Dad does not have a career (despite the fact that he works from home and has spends his whole day in his office) but I that do and that my career is diabetes. Huh!?!

He obviously didn't really know what the word meant. I think he thought that an illness was a career! So we explained what the word really meant. And it made sense to him. Dad works in computers and  Mom is a stay-at-home parent. So all good there.

My Superhero!

I continued the conversation in my own head of how it was possible for him to think that my career was diabetes. Did someone tell him career was something that you do and all he sees me "do" are things to do with diabetes (because housework is done by fairies).

Was it because whenever I leave the house in the evenings that it's to go to my monthly diabetes support group meetings? And that is something I do.

Is it because both my husband and myself volunteer with the national diabetes charity, Diabetes Ireland and so talk a lot about it at the dinner table a lot? If so, we really need to scale that back.

As they say "out of the mouths of babes" and I will never know what's going on in my precious child's head but I hope it continues to make me think deep and entertain.