People w/Diabetes are Amazing; People with Type 1

World Diabetes Day 2014 is Friday the 14th of November. This is the second of three installments of "People with Diabetes are Amazing!" series. The first installment was about Parents of children with diabetes.
Meeting other people with diabetes is my inspiration for living well myself with diabetes. They rock! They are so resilient. So, as we approach World Diabetes Day I thought I would celebrate how awesome people with diabetes really are.
I think all people with diabetes are amazing! Life threw us the challenge of living with diabetes at us and it made us feel that no challenge was too much. I have divided my homage into 3 groups of amazingness and next up...

People with Type 1

I actually fall into this group myself but I won't be talking about me. I want to talk about all the amazing people I've met in my support group and all the people with type 1 that I admire out there in the big, big world.
The people with type 1 that I have met over the years are so inspiring, so resilient, so defiant. I've met people who have lived 50 years with type 1, lost their sight because they happened to live with diabetes before so much was discovered about it. People who used to boil glass syringes to sterilize them before they could use them. These people still get up every day and say "no diabetes; you don't win today".

I also love to read about people with diabetes breaking through the barriers that others perceive to be around us; 

Douglas Cairns, pilot, diabetes advocate
Kris Freeman, Olympic Skier
- HG Wells, The famed science-fiction author who also helped set up Diabetes UK.
Kerri Sparling, blogger, author, diabetes advocate.

I read about and am always inspired by people like;

Stephen Clancy, professional cyclist,

Catherine Brady, 4th time world champion kickboxer from Dundalk
- Kenneth Sweeney, former senior county footballer; Sligo

Sierra Sandison, Miss Idaho 2014 who brought the worlds attention to type 1 diabetes.

- Ella Locke, who at 10 years old hiked the 154kms of the Scottish Highland with her dad to raise money for diabetes. 

and many, many, many, more......................