People w/Diabetes are Amazing; Parents of Children with Diabetes

World Diabetes Day 2014 is Friday the 14th of November. I didn't plan this very well but from the 1st of November until the 14th I'm hoping to have a daily diabetes awareness post on my facebook page (fingers crossed). This is the first of three installments of "People with Diabetes are Amazing!" series.

Meeting other people with diabetes is my inspiration for living well myself with diabetes. They rock! They are so resilient. So, as we approach World Diabetes Day I thought I would celebrate how awesome people with diabetes really are.

I think all people with diabetes are amazing! Life threw us the challenge of living with diabetes at us and it made us feel that no challenge was too much. I have divided my homage into 3 groups of amazingness starting with...

Type Awesome - The Parents!

I wanted to start with the people who take care of the little people with diabetes, the people who guide and mentor young people with diabetes, the people who are generally referred at Type Awesome on social media; the Parents of children with diabetes.

How difficult is it to try to figure out what is going on in someone else's body, in particular, a body so tiny he/she doesn't know how to speak yet? Parents of children with type 1 diabetes do this all day every day!

Did you know that most parents of children with type 1 diabetes seldom get a full night's sleep? I survived a couple of months of interrupted sleep with my newborns. I can't imagine doing it indefinitely. Surviving years of that takes something deep down.

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A parents worst nightmare is when something happens to their child that threatens their childhood and these parents have to find a way to get past their grief and heartbreak that their child's carefree childhood has been lost, so that they can protect what's left. It isn't easy and it's not something most parents can do alone.

And that's not even half the story; check out blogs from D-Mum, Moira McCarthy or the D-parent bloggers, such as Olly Double on Diabetes UK.