Am I hiding my diabetes?

I've been a person with type 1 diabetes for over 21 years. And some days it seems that I don't have any interest other than diabetes. I read ALL the blogs and participate in a number of Facebook groups, I subscribe to Diabetes Daily, A Sweet Life, Insulin Nation, and many, many more. I volunteer with my local Diabetes Ireland group and organise my support group.

But, recently, I feel like I'm hiding my diabetes!?!

While my daughter attends her piano lessons, I wait outside the class with my son. I chat to another Mum whose children go to my children's school. During my daughter's lesson my insulin pump vibrates to remind me that it's two hours since my lunchtime insulin bolus and it's time to check my blood glucose again.

I turn it off rather than test in front of this mum. It's not because of the mum; she's really nice and I admire her a lot (raising 5 children and completing her HDip!!), it's because as soon as I take out that glucose meter I know what we are going to talk about. And I'm tired, and I have had my afternoon caffeine.

I'm surprised that I do this, I didn't plan it. Then, I thought about my Friday morning coffee meet-up and I've chosen not to do blood sugar tests in front of them either for the same reason. I had decided that I didn't want to be that person, you know, the diabetic. But also I think I need to have diabetes-free time.

I know it will come out eventually but for now I enjoy talking about everything other than diabetes with all of these interesting people. Diabetes is part of me, a significant part but it's not all of me.