Diabetes Little White Lies

I am guilty of using my diabetes to get myself out of stuff. And don't even try to tell me that you haven't too. I've talked to people and I know I'm not alone.

Only as a last resort though. I don't know how many boring Rich Tea biscuits I was offered before I decided to say No thanks", and when Fr. Ted's Mrs Doyle appeared I used the diabetes.

But I think I've taken it to a new level now that I'm a mother.

I've used the "my blood sugar is low" excuse for having an afternoon treat, when my children have asked why I'm having sweets in the middle of the afternoon. The rule in our house is that you can't have sweets or desserts if you haven't done a good job on your dinner. It applies to everybody! But sometimes I just need a little piece of chocolate.

The truth of this particular situation is that its the afternoon slump and I'm having tea or coffee and just want a little something to give me a boost. Or I'm too tired to resist temptation or an honest reply.

Does this make me a bad person? I think not, it makes me a Mother who survives;-)