Attack of the Pump...

and it hurt! Two days later I still have the bruise!

I have started to bring my pump into the shower with me rather than disconnect from it for reasons that are worthy of another post. The other morning, my shower was a challenge because the tubing was a little shorter than I was used to. I really couldn't move very much without tugging the tubing. When I was almost finished I just happened to move a little too far and pulled the pump off the shelf, my hand went to protect the cannula from pulling out and my pump swung and thwacked me, right on the ankle bone.

I'm a teeth-gritter & deep breather when it comes to pain but when the unexpected and full force of this metal box hit me, I yelled. My husband was concerned enough to ask me what happened but not concerned enough to get out of bed and check, so thankfully no panic caused there;-)

Anyway, I thought I should "warn" people about the force & impact a pump can have when swung from it's tubing. (This post is to be taken lightly and reflects how ordinary my life is when I post about taking a shower).