Got the Vibe!

I had my Animas 2020 for 4 years. It was a bit scruffy looking; a few scratches and that. I was very excited when Animas told me I would be eligible for an upgrade to the Animas Vibe because that would mean I could get the CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) as an add on.

When the Vibe arrived it was so shiny and scratch free. I did leave it in the box for a couple of days:-) Until I heard that it was going to take 5 weeks for the Animas trainer to get over from the UK and for both myself and my Diabetes Nurse Specialist to all be available on the same day.

The Vibe is the top one.

That broke me! I decided to fire up the Vibe and see what was different. This first difference was "blinding". I put both my pumps side by side and the screen on my old pump was barely visible. That did it for me! I decided if there wasn't too much difference between the two pumps I was going to disconnect my old one and connect to the Vibe.

Here I was, thinking that I couldn't read the screen because of the sun or maybe, just maybe, my eyesight was going. I could have had the new insulin pump aaaggeeesss ago if I'd only known.

Well, I hooked myself up the there are only a couple of minor differences, other that the major one of being compatible with the Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring system. One is when you use the bolus wizards that it automatically dials up the dose that it has come up with, you can still change the dose and you still have to select OK to deliver the dose. This feature does make me happy, even if I still haven't gotten used to it (after 5 weeks).