Why exercise is tricky for T1Diabetes episode 1

So it's the first morning of back to school for me, a stay at home mother with type 1 diabetes. The lazy days of summer are over and it's time to get back in shape and tone up those flabby muscles that returned almost overnight when the summer holidays began.

I was actually looking forward to it.

I thought I did all the right things. My blood sugars before brekkie were spot on at 5.2, for a change. I had my healthy breakfast as usual, that didn't change over the summer. I took my bolus. My blood sugars (bs) had been running high after my breakfast during the summer so I didn't reduce my bolus dose. And because of the high bs's I didn't reduce my basal insulin either.

So I got into the usual routine, got children ready for school, dropped them off, chatted a little to some of the other mothers I hadn't seen for 8 weeks, got home.

I moved my testing kit, glucose supply and phone into my pockets so I could carry them and off I went. It was a pleasant morning; it was dry and not too grey. I felt good.

This is all going well except when I tested my bs after my walk which coincides with my 2 hour after meal check I was 3.9. I felt quite shaky so I figured my bs were still dropping. I decided to have a cup of coffee accompanied by a mini Crunchie and mini Fudge instead of the nasty glucose sweets that I usually treat hypos with. Cos, really, the fact that I had to replace the calories I'd just used was enough to drive me to a very large chocolate eclair but I used a little restraint.

Once recovered from the disappointment I brainstormed to find things I could do to lessen the low bs after the walks. I told myself "it's day 1" and "I shouldn't be too hard on myself". It's going to take a couple of mornings to get this right.

Never give up, never surrender:-s