Low carb lunch-my %%%%

My husband recently surprised me with a lunch date. Yes, I know how lucky I am and surprise lunch dates are only the tip of the iceberg but that's another blog.

Anyway, while I was pondering over the menu I was thinking to myself that I would like to have a healthy, moderately low carb lunch in keeping with my meal plans. I went over the menu a couple of times and finally settled on a "low-carb chicken caesar wrap". I thought that this option would not only be tasty but would have less carbohydrate than a sandwich.

My wrap arrived and did indeed look tasty. It did look bigger than the wraps I have at home which contain 20g of carbohydrate each so I was generous with my insulin bolus. I normally have between 35 and 45 grams of carb as my lunch (a large portion of which is a piece of fruit) and take 3-4 units of insulin. I guessed that the wrap was approximately 30g of carbohydrate because in my opinion if it was more than that then it's not really low-carb, is it? I took 3 units thinking it wasn't too much but wouldn't be too little either.

Boy was I wrong! At my 2 hour post meal blood glucose check I was 14mmol! I had a lovely lunch with my hubby full of conversation that didn't revolve around our children or chores only to have the good taken out of it. Total frustration!