Golden Blood Glucose Day.

I woke up on a regular morning and I took the first BG test of the day. Low and behold it’s 4.8. I smiled and thought “what a warm fuzzy feeling to start to the day”.
As the day went on my BG readings seem to check all the boxes. I tested 7 times on this day which is my usual and the highest reading was 8.2. I though “Well that’s a little above the recommendation but thank god it’s not 10 or more”. As the day went on the nice feeling of “job well done” continued. The rest of my readings fell between 5.6 and 7.3 – I mean how did that happen?

It’s like all the stars & planets in the universe aligned – just for me. The only difference between me on this day and me on any other day was a much-relished lie in and not running around like a headless chicken. I went to bed feeling so proud of this one day.

“Pride comes before the fall”!! Yep, it was so nice while it lasted.