Diabetes Support Groups, Why bother?

Apart from the multiple daily rituals such as blood glucose testing, injecting, carb counting & exercising, I perform as management of my diabetes, I also thrall through a dozen or so websites from the online diabetes community.

Why? I suppose I’m looking for more information on how to make my life with diabetes easier, or maybe I’m keeping tabs on the possibility of a cure but I think that the biggest reason is that I’m looking for someone who is like me.

I’m lucky enough to be a member of a Diabetes Support Group where there are quite a few people “like me”, but you never know who else is out there.

It’s part of the human condition to seek out others like ourselves. This is why a large number of immigrates in New York all live in the Bronx. It’s why when we go on holidays abroad we have a finely tuned ear when it comes to spotting the other Irish.
It’s only in recent years that people with Type 1 Diabetes are being more open about their diabetes and the internet has helped in that respect. Prior to this a large number of us would have lived in silence for many reasons, some of which could have been the feeling of being different or appearing weak because we have an illness, or overlooked for promotions because of our “sickliness”.
Thankfully all of that has changed and we are actively seeking each other out to find out what our future holds and joining support groups where we find positivity about the future.
What do I get from my support group?

Well for starters it’s great to talk in “Diabetes Jargin” without having to translate and to talk to people who can relate. At each meeting, I always pick up some piece of information or tip to try and improve my diabetes management. And I always find motivation!