My world doesn't fall apart at 2.8 mmols (50 mg/dl)

It might be hot and sweaty, but also calm and rational.

Sometimes, you can function very well when you're having a hypo and other times not. That's why whenever I wonder, I check.

On this occasion, I checked my blood glucose levels because I felt hot and sweaty and a little bit "off"! But mostly, I checked because it was two hours after my breakfast bolus of insulin and so it was my post-meal check.

Low and behold, the glucose meter registered a 2.8 mmols/l (50 mg/dl). What I wouldn't give for a CGM to give me a little warning! I quickly gobbled 5 glucose sweets and continued with my trolley of groceries to my car.

No, I'm not joking! I was able to take my weekly shopping through the checkout, pay and pack them AND I'm fairly confident that I did it without arousing suspicion. I say "fairly confident" because I didn't have any witnesses to consult after the event. 

Sometimes, my 4.0's mmols/l (72 mg/dl) feel like a 2.8 mmol/l. And sometimes my 2.8 mmol/l feels like a 5 mmol/l (110 mg/dl).

One of the frustrations of life with type 1 diabetes and one of the reasons you can NEVER relax!