Diabetes Health & Wellbeing Exhibition

World Diabetes Day is in a few short days and I feel like this year has been AMAZING!!! There are so many campaigns to be part of such as The Big Blue Test, and the JDRF's T1D Looks Like Me and Diabetes Footprint campaigns. If you would like to find out more of what's going on, here is a really good round up on Diabetes Mine. I've also been posting daily diabetes facts/thought/experiences on my  facebook page and sharing with my family and friends. Others are welcome to share them too and put their own personal experience on them. jdrf-t1dfootprint

In Ireland, on Sunday 13th November, 2016, Diabetes Ireland is hosting a free Health & Wellbeing Exhibition for all people living with & at risk of developing Diabetes in Ireland.

Where: Chartered Accountants House, 47 – 49 Pearse St, Dublin Centre. Date: Sunday 13th November 2016 from: 12 noon to 5pm. More information here.

Diabetes Ireland Annual event 2016

I’m planning to attend because it’s the launch of the organisations 50th year in existence; an organisation that I am forever grateful too. But also, because there are 20 exhibitors planning on attending so it would be a good time to find out what’s new in the diabetes world and maybe even update my blood glucose meter:-s

But I’m most excited about the medal ceremony to 20 people who have lived with diabetes for 50 years. I really hope that I get to meet some of these people too. How inspirational is that!

Remember 50 years ago was 1967 and no one had a blood glucose meter and no rapid acting insulin. No one knew what they’re blood glucose levels were outside of the hospital. I mean; anyone who has come through that is a SURVIVOR!!!