Dangerologist meets Diabetes


Danger is still everywhere by David O'Doherty My son and I are reading a book called “Danger is Everywhere” at bedtime at the moment. It’s a very cute and funny book about… well about Danger being ABSOLUTELY everywhere and a huge thank you to David O’Doherty, the author, for writing it and the sequel “Danger is still everywhere”.

As my son was reading the bits he thought were too hilarious for me to read because, obviously I would not do it justice. I was thinking about what would happen if Dr. Noel Zone, the level 5 dangerologist met a person with diabetes. How would he react, if I wouldn’t let him wrap all the sharp things I use in bubble wrap so they were less dangerous? If they were wrapped in bubblewrap then the would be dangerous to me - as in put my life in danger because I couldn’t use them.

It’s a good thing Dr. Noel is a fictional character. And I hope he doesn’t meet a person with diabetes and all those sharp objects. I don’t think he would cope:-)