Post Christmas Blood Sugar Hangovers

The Christmas holiday lasts one whole week if not two in Ireland. Most businesses close their offices from Christmas Eve to the day after New Year's day to give their employees a well earned break.

The schools close for two weeks. This is where my diabetes can become troublesome. I'm a stay at home mother and when my children are in school I have a routine and I get out most days for a good head-clearing walk! It does my head good and it does my diabetes good.
During school holidays, getting out for that little but very important 30 minute walk is.... mmmm challenging. I could do it. If I really, really, really tried but there's always something else I could do too.
A two week holiday is more than long enough for my body, and my diabetes to figure out that my exercise has been all but forgotten and give me a bit of a telling off.
The grey-ness and the wetness of the Irish weather for the last month did not help either! Let's just say we would not have been surprised to see a giant ark after having SO much rain for SO long.
This holiday, my BG's started rise just before New Year's, at a time when I thought I'm almost there and I got away with it. My insulin to carb ratios need to be reduced radically and using trial and error the kids will be back in school before I have it figured out.
I'm also feeling a little of the January blues. The lack of exercise and my elevated blood glucose levels are leaving me deflated and unmotivated to do absolutely anything.... except declutter my house (figure that one out?).
So, I'm anxious to get back to school, I mean for my children to get back to school. :-)

I'm itching to get out for that first regular walk of 2016, to have a routine again and reclaim familiar BG patterns so I can make adjustments.

I also need to come up with a feasible plan for the extended Easter break we will have this year (it's 2 and a half weeks long starting on St. Patrick's Day).

I think I just found my new years resolution! And I think I'm finding my way back.