Register today for Thrive-abetes; The Thrive with Type 1 Diabetes Conference

I'm hoping that, by now, a lot of you have heard about Thrive-abetes? Thrive-abetes is a conference that I am, up to my neck, involved with. And it's very exciting! I can't wait to be in a room with 100 other adults with type 1 diabetes!!!

What is Thrive-abetes?

Thrive-abetes ; The Thrive with Type 1 Diabetes Conference and Exhibition is a one day conference for parents of children with diabetes and for adults living with type 1 diabetes. It takes place in Maynooth, Co. Kildare on Saturday the 3rd October 2015.

What is Thrive-abetes going to offer?

"Thrive-abetes" is a first-of-it's-kind event in Ireland - a conference organised by people with type 1 diabetes for people with type 1 diabetes!

This Type 1 Diabetes conference is going to focus on the psychological impact of living with a chronic, lifelong illness. We aim to provide “Inspiration, Motivation and Information” to people living with type 1 diabetes, both parents of children with diabetes and adults, at our conference.

Our speakers include internationally renowned diabetes healthcare professionals, living with type 1 diabetes and nationally recognised diabetes healthcare professionals.

View our conference programme here.

Conference tickets cost €35 per person, or €60 for two tickets. Registration is open through this link Lunch and refreshments will be provided to all delegates. More details about the Thrive-abetes schedule is available from or by sending an email to

If you are interested in making a weekend of it The Glenroyal Hotel has a discounted rate for all Thrive-abetes Delegates plus a number of rooms blocked off for the conference. When you are booking you must quote Delegates Reservation No 172691. interested Room rates are available here.