Are you a bad diabetic?

Take a deep breath everybody! I can just picture the steam coming from all of your ears, but let me tell you that in this instance, where I was asked this question, the only purpose it would serve would be to accelerate global warming!

I have never been asked this question before in all of my 22 years living with type 1 diabetes and it really caught me off guard.

Firstly, the person who asked had a number of alcoholic beverages taken so any worthwhile, educational response from me was going to be a complete waste of time! So frustrating!!

Secondly, this person was a very young, public health nurse! ($%^@*#%!!!) A little more frustrating.

How did I respond? Well! I first made faces as if I had swallowed a wasp while my brain tried to figure out how to respond. I think I may have scared her and she would have run away if she wasn't trapped on a bus with me.

I was trying to figure out if she meant if I was a bad diabetic because I didn't manage my diabetes well? Or bad because I had the "worst" kind of diabetes?

So after I made my faces, I said "I don't understand the question?" She probably thought I was the dope:-) Then, she asked if I was a insulin dependant diabetic? Now we're starting to make sense... just not enough for me to invest my time with her on this occasion.

At some point, I will sit down with this child and explain some diabetes etiquette and a few other pieces of information about diabetes.

For now, I will give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she knows a little more about diabetes that alcohol would allow her to express.

Keep calm, they're only words!