Low Blood Sugars Cause Bad Decision in Co. Clare

I do all I know how to, to keep my blood sugars between the lines on the "good control"graph. But sometimes all the forces in the universe collude against me!

One such occasion occurred last week, I had parked myself on my couch with my night-time herbal cuppa and settling in to watch The Mentalist. The children were in bed and not a peep out of them.

Universal influence No. 1; Hypo. I could feel my temperature rising and I could feel some droplets of sweat on my skin underneath my clothes. I reached over for my glucose meter to test my blood sugars and yes I was a 3.5 mmol/l. I knew that since I injected my dinner insulin one hour and forty five minutes earlier that my blood sugars were likely to be heading further downwards.

I reached into my meter pouch for some glucose sweets because I needed something to work fast. I had forgotten to restock or maybe I chose not to restock as they are always handy in the pantry?
Universal influence No. 2; out of super fast acting glucose.

Turns out the pantry was not convenient enough.

I was reluctant to leave my couch but I knew that I had no choice. So I made it as far as the kitchen (I will point out that our pantry/utility room is off the kitchen and our kitchen is not large) where I got distracted from my mission. I started opening cupboards in search of something nice??? I spotted my mothers delicious fruit cake and decided this was what I was having - it looked soooo good.

Universal influence No. 3; Kitchen put in the way to pantry.


It did taste good. I returned to my spot on the couch. But the sweat was still accumulating under my forehead hairline and I realised that the cake was just going to take too long and I was getting more antsy. So I did what I should have done in the first place before I got distracted and got some glucose sweets.

Once my brain started to pull it together, I realised that now I was going to have the massive spike in my blood sugars. So I tested at one hour after hypo and two hour after hypo (13.0 mmol/m) and took some counteracting insulin going to bed to head it off.

What did I wake up at? Flippin' 17 mmol/l!!!!! It's a vicious circle.
Universal influence No. 4; Take insulin but still have high blood sugars.

Low blood sugar equals fuzzy brain equals BAAD decisions regarding food equals high blood sugars.