People w/Diabetes are Amazing; People with Type 2

World Diabetes Day 2014 is Friday the 14th of November. This is the third and final instalment of "People with Diabetes are Amazing!" series. The first instalment featured Parents of children with diabetes, the second People with Type 1
Meeting other people with diabetes is my inspiration for living well myself with diabetes. They rock! They are so resilient. So, as we approach World Diabetes Day I thought I would celebrate how awesome people with diabetes really are. Next up is...

People with Type 2

There is supposedly safety in numbers and people with type 2 do make up the numbers but I don't think that make people with type 2 feel any safer.

The world's media tries to tell people with type 2 that they brought diabetes on themselves. Yet, they come out ready to take control of their diabetes.

The old breed of person with Type 2 diabetes would have accepted limb amputation, blindness and kidney failure as their fate. The old breed would never have known about diabetes education. They would have known type 2 diabetes as the "Silent Killer".

The new breed of Type 2 person is defiant, resilient, willing to learn new things, has a thirst for the knowledge to manage their diabetes. They want to overcome!

I have met so many people with type 2 and they inspire me as much as my own crowd because they tell me all the time that they are not going to be that old breed of person with type 2. They shall overcome!

Of Notable Mention;

There are many more types of diabetes and people who live with any type are equally amazing. I chose the types because I know a little more about those than I do about LADA or MODY or any of the others.

To ALL people with diabetes and here's to breaking down the barriers!!!