Diabetes De-Cluttering


I am a house wife! And as a housewife I, sometimes, while in the middle of doing one task, will immediately decide another task is more important and switch. I don't know how I ended up on my knees, on the floor of my bedroom wardrobe but I did, and that's when I noticed once again my emergency diabetes supply stash. You know the back up meter that never gets used, the needles for Novapens, old meter cases in case some day another meter fits into it or just in case the current meter case gets something gross spilled on it. You get the idea. I even have my old record books and my old Long Term Illness book from before I moved to the states and came back (hint 8 years ago). Those I keep as mementos or for posterity - "Look, what I used to do back then"

Anyway, I performed a de-cluttering of old meter cases and old, out of date meters. Here's what I recycled; The Accu-Chek Compact Plus was a meter I got in 2002! Meters have evolved so much that there is no point letting the ones that I, or anyone else, will ever use, take up space.

This is the nice little pile I have left. (Note, I am not showing the stack of record books on the shelf below.)

However, I have a number of other "piles" of diabetes supplies all around the house that need a bit of de-cluttering.