Why exercise is "tricky" for T1Diabetes, episode 4

A quick recap;
In Episode 1 I talked about one of the reasons that exercise was "tricky"for people with type 1 diabetes is that it can cause low blood sugars (bs) and therefore you may end up eating to replace the calories you used and therefore rendering exercise as a form of weight management as a bit of a lost cause.

In episode 2 I rediscovered that some hypos prevent rational thinking and even though you have taken all the precautions you can you still might end up in a "pickle". I had a low towards the end of my walk and despite having my meter and glucose in my pocket I still thought I had to get home to treat my low.

In Episode 3; I talked about different things I was trying to eliminate such a high blood sugar (bs) reading before my walk and such a low reading after. 

Today, episode 4, and 3 & a half weeks into my new walking regime I think I have found the safe zone.

All this week my bs readings have been in the target range before breakfast, below 10mmols one hour later and just before my walk and in the target range after my walk. I returned to my oatmeal from breakfast because I found that my branflakes would make my before walk bs very high. And my basal strategy is to suspend my insulin pump from delivery insulin for the duration of my walk. 

I'm going to still monitor my bs before my walk but I am hoping to eliminate that one bs check in another week; once I'm sure my sugars have stabilized I won't need that check.

So I'm happy to report that I have (hopefully) overcome the challenge of exercising with T1 Diabetes and eliminated the "trickiness". 

P.S. Bonus, I've been able to give up the digestives (having none in the cupboard helped) :-)