Losing Faith!!

The Health Service Executive (HSE) is making headlines again but then what's new. It's so frustrating that nothing has changed in the six years since I moved back to Ireland.

The optimists among us would probably say that we just have to find a new way to show the rule makers that they need to change the way they do things. We, the advocates and activists, have to constantly change our methods yet the rule makers don't. Why can't we just launch a rolled up piece of paper from a rubber band into their faces and say "WAKE UP!' Oh yeah, that's been outlawed:-(

I'm exhausted from all the changing... and I don't even do that much to advocate apart from raise my voice or send an email when I'm asked. I can't imagine how frustrated the guys are that actually have to sit down and negotiate with this crowd and make nice with them.

I'm so fed up of hearing about how inefficient and under-resourced the health service is in Ireland. It's been that way for decades! I'm fed up of hearing how it's the minister's fault!  I'm fed up of the HSE blaming the department of Health! I'm fed up of the minister making promises and then being stonewalled when trying to deliver those promises. I'm fed up hearing about negotiations with unions when efforts are being made to improve working conditions; a better service means happier workers. I'm fed up hearing about how the HSE staff can't change anything because of the hiring freeze! All we hear from them is "I can't".

Well people, I think it's time some of you read "The little engine that could".

Is it really that difficult to straighten out a health service? Is it rocket science? Is it really about lack of money?

I'm not asking for a perfect system here, just one that works reasonable well.

People of the HSE, all of you, stop blaming each other and fighting with each other! GET THE JOB DONE AND STRAIGHTEN IT OUT!!!