Weighed down by weight issues

I'm getting old! Yep, I'm having that life crisis that happens to even the most optimistc of us as we approach those birthdays that end in zero.

Anyway, this summer when I was trying to squease into the seasonal outfits I thought to myself, "why not just tackle that stone or two once and for all". Wishing for it to happen doesn't make it happen, does it?

My diet is fairly decent; it does have some flaws but nothing catastrophic. I've always trimmed out the fat except for my little treat after my dinner every day which I will not give up! Never! So where the calorie intake is concerned I've decided to cut down on portion sizes and increase portions of salads and veggies.

My next step is to review my calorie output. Exercise! Auck! I already do a 30 minute brisk walk Monday through Friday. So in an effort to add to that I delved into "The I hate to exercise" book for people with diabetes to look for inspiration.

Now this book has been sitting on my shelf untouched for about 18 months. And if I'm honest the other reason I picked it up was because the previous book I read was so good that I would stay up until the wee hours reading (I needed some sleep).

I open it  and the first line is "well done, you've opened the book". At first, I laughed and patted myself on the back but when I thought about why I was reading it, I stopped laughing. I felt a bit ashamed but then I decided to laugh again. Why not?

So, well done me! I read the whole book. Surprise, surprise. there were no magic cures or quick fixes contained in it because there are none with weight loss. The book was really not targeted at me. It's really written for people who have not included exercise in their lives and may be more advanced in age.

My new next step is to carry on with my reduced carb portions and my 30 minute walk from now til December. Live life as best I can and not to get so weighed down (pun intended). I'll let you know if it works. I will say my blood sugar readings are looking very good with these reduced portions. One step/one day at a time:-)