Type 2 Diabetes - where to get help.

When someone tells you “you have type 2 diabetes”, the reaction is usually one of shock. You may have gone to the doctor with what you thought a bothersome minor ailment, not expecting in the least to be told you have a serious chronic illness. You might be sitting in the doctor’s office and while s/he is trying to explain diabetes to you your mind is racing with the “how” and the “why”.

Those first days, weeks & months are really difficult. You are trying to accept the hand that you have been dealt, wrestle with the guilt that maybe you could have prevented your type 2 diabetes, and you are trying to bring it under control with new gadgets, medication and overhauling your eating habits.
Diabetes is not a simple illness to explain; it’s difficult for the patient (you & me) to understand and therefore, it’s not easy to be in control of it. The type 2 diabetes patient needs more than just treatment to manage their diabetes; they need support, education, motivation and understanding.
Diabetes is a lot to deal with! But you don’t have to do it alone.
Diabetes management has come a long way in the last 10 years in Ireland. There are now type 2 diabetes classes all over the country. The community dietetic services have extended to try and meet the demand of patients.
Courses available for people with type 2 diabetes living in the Midwest. If you would like information on what diabetes education courses are available in your area contact your local health office www.hse.ie or contact Diabetes Ireland on 1850 909 909 or email: info@diabetes.ie
(Diabetes Education& Self-Management for On-going & Newly Diagnosed) 
This course is provided by the HSE and is available to patients in Limerick, Clare and North Tipperary.

Limerick contact; Anne Geary/Sinead Glover 061/483448
Clare contact: Mary McMahon 065/6865839
North Tipperary contact:  Annette Ridley 067 - 42378

(Community Orientated Diabetes Education)
This course is provided by the HSE and by Diabetes Ireland.

Limerick Local CODE:  061/482340
St John’s Hospital CODE: 061/462271
Diabetes Ireland CODE: Elaine Newell 071/9146001
Community Dietitians can be accessed through your GP