World Diabetes Day in Ireland

November 14th is World Diabetes Day. All around the world the diabetes community will mark the occasion in some way or another as we remember those who have passed from this life because of diabetes and  those who are struggling to stay ahead of their complications. We will also be thankful for every day that those who are living well with diabetes continue to do so.

It’s the one day I know I’m not alone in the world of diabetes.

This year the diabetes community in Ireland seems to be mobilising and making sure that the occasion doesn’t go unnoticed.

In doing so, I’m happy to spread the word that the following buildings will be going blue for World Diabetes Day; PricewaterhouseCoopers, Dublin, The Convention Centre, Dublin, The Round Room and Fire Restaurant Business & Events Centre@ The Mansion House, Dublin

On the Sunday the 13th of November, Diabetes Ireland will hold a “Diabetes Health and Awareness Expo” in the Rochestown Park Hotel in Cork. Diabetes Ireland is also looking for people to come forward and “Go Blue” for World Diabetes Day.

It’s my hope that this year World Diabetes Day make the 6 o’clock news in Ireland, so that everyone living in Ireland hears about it.