Type 1 vs Type 2

There is so much confusion out there in the non-diabetes community about diabetes and we (the people with diabetes) are often subjected to comments such as; “Diabetes; doesn’t that mean you can’t have any sugar?” or “Type 1 – which one is that?”

These comments don’t bother me all that much when it’s face to face because I can take the time to explain what Type 1 Diabetes is. But when comments like that come from people who in my opinion should know better, then, I lose it and have to be quarantined before I can be with people again.

For instance, I sent an email to a public representative highlighting a campaign to get better health services for Type 1 diabetes. In my email any time I used the word “diabetes” it was accompanied by Type 1. However, the reply talked only about Type 2 diabetes and what a “scourge” it was, requiring me to send another email to said TD.

In the same week, I had to fill out one of those forms for mortgage protection insurance. You know the out-dated form that asks ridiculous questions such as “How often do you test your blood or urine for sugar?” What? “Is sugar present, often, occasionally or never?” Double what!!! Sugar is always present in blood. Who in-the-name-of-God tests their urine for sugar anymore? I mean it is useless information in today’s world. Yes, before 1985 when there were no Blood Glucose monitors we tested urine for sugar!

Please give sample readings for the last three months (with a small box for the answer). All of my readings would take about three pages for the last three months.

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One step forward and two steps back.

Is it any wonder that I feel like we are losing the fight to educate people about diabetes and make people more aware of it; never mind that there are two types and what those types are? How will we get people to support us in our quest for better health care services if they don’t even know what diabetes is? Things need to change – I just don’t know what to do to change them!