Read the Labels- they've changed!

The health conscious people of this country have been calling for unhealthy products especially those in the category of junk food to be reduced for years so when I watched “The Consumer Show” on RTE 1 on May 10th I really didn’t get upset about how the manufacturers were not giving me the value for money that I was used to.

The show featured a segment on called “Shrinking Products” and highlighted the fact that food manufacturers were reducing the size of their products but not the price. Instead I’m thinking “OMG, how is this affecting my carbohydrate intake?”

I tend to just read the label one time especially if it’s one of those little fun size treats. I have a little notebook where make note of what the label says and how much carbohydrate is in my normal portion. This way I don’t have to do the “sums” every time I have it. I know I’m still a paper gal and don’t have an iphone or similar gadget.

Now I have to recheck all my figures. So far, I’ve come across the funsize snickers bar which has reduced in size from 20grams to 18grams. I know that this only amounts to a 1 gram different in the carbohydrate content per bar. But what are the changes to the regular size bars? I assume that they don’t tell you on the pack how much they have reduced that bar by.

I don’t mind that the manufacturers did this where junk food is concerned I just wish I’d known about it sooner and that I didn’t have to do all the “sums” again.