Because I’m worth it!

I will take care of my health because I’m worth it!
I took the best care of my diabetes when I was pregnant with both of my children. And I continue to do it now because my children need me.
It got me thinking about why I didn’t put as much effort into my health before I had children?
Did I believe that I wasn’t worth it?
Is that what most of us believe most of the time? Is that why there are so many people with diabetes who don’t manage it well?
Today, I’m going to start to take care of my health for me. I’m going to tell myself every day from today that I AM worth it. I’m going to spend as much time looking after the inside as I do on the outside; this is pertinent because I just got a fab new haircut that I spent time & money on :-) 
I’m going to start telling my health care professionals that I’m worth looking after too. If they start thinking that I’m going to spend time on improving my health maybe they will invest more time in me?

What’s more I’m going to tell everyone I know who has diabetes that they are worth it too. Let’s take a health lesson from L’Oreal. ;-)