Sometimes you just feel tired…

Diabetes is a peculiar disease sometimes, in that, when everything is going well with your blood sugars you actually feel GREAT! You might actually stop and wonder how you could have a disease when you feel so healthy!

However, when the old blood sugars are not doing what they are supposed to and that sluggish tired feeling creeps in, it can be hard to get back on track. And it’s such a vicious cycle; you need some cheering up when the numbers let you down so you indulge in some comfort food, which exacerbates the problem. Then, you feel guilty for having the chocolate (or whatever the poison might be) and get even more down. At this point, it’s harder to feel good. Depression can sneak in and it takes quite a while to get back on the tracks again.
Every day that I feel like I could take on Mount Clean-the-Windows I have a little celebration and tell myself “well done” and “see, you can do this”. And I tell myself that all the carb counting, the sums in figuring out how much insulin to take for this meal and the watching every single bite that I put into my mouth is worth it. It’s encouragement to keep it up.
But then, there are days when you have that sluggish-tired feeling and you try to determine what your body is telling you. You feel like sitting in front of the telly and watching hours of Nickjr or Playhouse Disney with the kids instead of testing your blood sugars.
It pays off though when you do make the effort and test because when you get a good number you realise that it’s the fact that your body is just plain old TIRED and it’s nothing that a good night’s sleep will cure…. Sometimes, getting a good eight hours of sleep is more difficult than diabetes:-)