Shouldering Diabetes Part 2

Last month, I shared my journey with a frozen shoulder and how it was affecting my life and my diabetes and I’m happy to report that I am making progress in my recovery. You can read all about that misery if you are so inclined here.

At the end of May, I’d had an ultrasound guided steroid injection into my ac joint shoulder, which did raise my glucose levels but not as much as on previous occasions. It was manageable. Since then, I’ve had four physiotherapy sessions, some of which were absolute torture but in this situation there is no gain if there is no pain. 

Last week, I had my second ultrasound guided steroid injection into the front of my shoulder where the inflammation is. 

Forgive the deer in headlights look, focus on the bruise from my ultrasound guided injection on my shoulder :-D

Forgive the deer in headlights look, focus on the bruise from my ultrasound guided injection on my shoulder :-D

At this point, I’m actually sleeping through the entire night again Hallelujah!!!!! My pain isn’t constant and has become more of a stiffness so I’m only taking over the counter painkillers at night and applying a topical anti-inflammatory gel. 

I actually feel almost human again. 

Effects of 2nd injection on Glucose Levels

The second injection has raised my glucose levels again but mostly only at night and in the evenings. So on the third day I saw the pattern I’ve been topping up with micro-bolus and during my sleeping hours (of which there are many now. Hallelujah!!! Please imagine my very happy face).  I use the Loop App to automatically adjust my basal insulin and keep my in range. 

And as soon as I wrote the above yesterday, it was all changed - it is now, 7 days after my second injection, a bit of a struggle to keep glucose levels under 10 mmol, so I’ve reduced my correction ratio and upped my mealtime bolus’s. There's no place for complacency or confidence or cockiness in diabetes management. I will review this every day until the effects wear off. 

I have a review with my consultant in six weeks, continue with physiotherapy and keep plugging away with those yoga ball and sweeping brush exercises. My goal is that I will be able to hang the washing out on the clothesline without strain by the end of the month and to tie my hair into a ponytail by the end of the summer.