Diabetes I Need Some Sleep

Since the Christmas break, my blood sugars were doing a-mazing trampolining and the alarm on my CGM to alert me that my blood sugars are high or low but mostly high.

During the whole two weeks of my Christmas holidays I slept through one single night. That’s right, ONE! And then it continued.

One day last week, I had been sitting at the kitchen table after breakfast, staring into space and my husband asked if I was OK. I had been thinking about how tired I was and saying a silent prayer that I would have another night of uninterrupted sleep again because I was still so, so, so tired.

How did this situation of continue for so long?

Well, I had many choices that I could put it down to: travelling, holidays, jet lag, exercise break and pre Christmas craziness. Oh, and then there was the steroid injections! I had been trying different things like increasing my night time insulin different amounts for different times; doing the whole trial and error thing and then it was three weeks later.

Why didn’t I just turn off the alarms?

Yes, I knew I could turn off the alarms for the sake of just one night and I was almost at that point with my exhaustion. But for Pete’s sake (#BlamePete;-) what’s the point in having this expensive piece of technology if I can’t make it work for me. The whole point of the alarms is that I don’t spend 6-8 hours every night with high glucose. If I can get nighttime sugars in range, that’s a huge chunk of the day. And, when I thought of the prospect of having out of range glucose levels or sleeping through a hypo I became more determined to figure it out.

Thankfully, I have just had 4 nights in a row of glorious uninterrupted sleep and the world looks so much brighter. Pleases the Gods I haven’t jinxed it!! (Ed - wrote this yesterday and yes I did jinx it)

So for this week, my night time diabetes is figured out. Now, if I could just sort out afternoons and evenings. Oh wait! It’s diabetes so That’s not going to happen! Sigh!