When Taking Insulin Make Sure Brain is Awake

When taking insulin in the morning MAKE SURE BRAIN IS AWAKE AND ENGAGED. Aaarrrg!

I gasped as I completed my insulin dose! Crap! I just realized I used my non exercise day insulin to carb ratio for my breakfast. I wasn’t even distracted by questions from young people, I just wasn’t fully awake.


Thankfully, I noticed it right away and instead of the paramedics giving me a lift home after my walk by way of the hospital, I decided to reduce my background insulin for 2 hours to counteract having more insulin than I needed. Then I adopted the wait and see approach. What other approach is there when you live with diabetes?!?

I did avert a nasty hypo, in fact, my glucose levels were a tad on the high side. So, I corrected and moved on.

From this point forward, I will most definitely MAKE SURE MY BRAIN IS AWAKE AND ENGAGED when taking insulin in the morning.