Diabetes Superhero Power

What is your Diabetes Superhero power? I feel like this is a question that has been asked online before but I've never had an answer for it. However, as I lay awake after yet another night interrupted by diabetes, my answer came to me like a bolt of lightning.

DSCF4553_edited-1 copy.jpg

I’ve never had an answer to this question before. 

I was wide awake, very, very early, after the fourth time my low glucose alarm went off on my CGM. At least, I think it was the fourth time - it felt like there were more. 

Anyway, as I lay there wide awake, ridiculously early, (did I mention how early it was already?) I thought “if I had just made a different decision going to bed I may have saved myself a restless night.”

My next thought was, “if only I could have seen into the future.” That’s it!!! That! Is! The superpower I want!!! Diabetes would be so much easier, if I could see into my blood glucose future. 

Here’s why.

My blood glucose was 7.8 mmols last night as I was heading to bed, with no active insulin in my system. I felt it was a good number to go to bed at. But sometimes, my levels can drop during the night and so I asked myself, should I reduce the background insulin on my pump a smidge for a couple of hours to prevent those low glucose alarms?. I decided not to because it was 7:8 with no insulin on board and I was happy. 

(Insert annoying sound for incorrect answer WA-WA. I wish I had known!)

My low glucose alarm vibrated four times during the night, that I can remember, and I know that on three of those occasions I ate some glucose tablets. And sSo now, as I lay wide away very early, thinking about how tired I was, and if only I had known what would’ve happened, I would be well rested. 


Everybody is wise with hindsight but being able to see in to the future would make me wise before sight and diabetes life much easier.