25 years with diabetes and I still haven’t cracked it

You would think that after 25 years of living with diabetes I would have gotten the hang of this diabetes craic! That I would never forget to take insulin before I eat or check glucose a lot!

Yet, for the second time this year, I left home for the day and forgot my blood glucose meter. Despite the fact that Every single day, multiple times a day, I leave my house and ALWAYS grab my keys, phone and my meter which also contains my glucose tablets. I, even keep all three of those things together.

2018-05-19 no meter.png

NOTE: I did have my CGM so I could still bolus insulin to a number and that was important because it was a family party with trifle, profiteroles, pavlova and cheesecakes. And. They. Were. YUM!

And twice this week I forgot to pre-bolus for breakfast.

Then there was the time I forgot to refill my insulin reservoir and went out to a big pasta dinner.


I’m beginning to think that since I hit this 25th Diaversary that this diabetes craic is getting old, along with me, that I’m starting to feel the same way about Diaversaries as I am about my birthday. And that’s, “Meh! It’s time to stop counting.”


Twenty five years: It seems like a long time and yet, sometimes it doesn’t.

It seems like a long time.

It seems like it’s been forever because life before diabetes was before two children, before marriage, before travel, even before employment. I've done a lot in 25 years!

It seems like a short time.

Thanks to social media and my local support group I know LOADS of people who’ve lived with diabetes for much longer. I’m usually not the person in the room whose lived with diabetes the longest.

I even know a bunch of people who have survived 50 years and then some. I use the word “survive” there because if you had diabetes before blood glucose meters were around it is a miracle that you are still here.

It seems like yesterday because I can remember life before diabetes. However I am wondering how many more do I have?