The Value of my CGM - Priceless

Last week, on a regular old Wednesday morning, I went about getting my teen and preteen ready for school. It was the usual morning routine. 

Just before I sat to breakfast my Continuous Glucose Monitor CGM alarm beeped - “your blood glucose level is below 4.1 mmols.” I had absolutely no symptoms, so I replied “Sometimesyou such a fibber!" Yes, I have conversations out loud with my CGM. I know I'm not alone! Lots of conversations. I pushed a button to see what my CGM thought my glucose was and it said 3.9 mmols.

I double checked on my meter and sure enough it was 3.6 mmols and just as that number was revealed on my meter my cgm did the big beeeeeeep let me know that I was now 3.1. 

I had breakfast and waited. I had twenty minutes before I needed to get in the car. However, about ten minutes later I checked my CGM again to see where I was at and my glucose levels were no longer dropping but they were not rising… yet. 

So I made the decision to ask hubby to drive the children to school. Never drive under 5 mmols. 

Had this event happened at any other time of day, I may have gotten into my car and drove. How scary is that!

This is the value of my CGM. 

2016-06-25 Seriously that was dinner.JPG