Pump dreams and Chinese Food

Pump Dreams copy.jpg

When, I woke up last Saturday morning, I was so, so tired. It was a rough diabetes night consisting of dreams about insulin pumps (I honestly have no idea why!) following Chinese food (oh! maybe I do have an idea:-S).

I hadn’t had Chinese food in many, many, many months and I always have something different when I do, so I never know how to deal it insulin wise. But, it was so much better than the alternative option of fish and chips on this occasion. At least with Chinese I can order vegetables. Green Thai curry, IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!!! Well worth the insulin mother load.

Fast forward to when I was asleep. My cgm alarm went off just as I was dozing off and because it was on my nightstand where it vibrates loudly, I tucked it under my pillow to be considerate to the person sharing my room and went straight back to sleep. After I had dealt with the reason for it’s alarming in the first place.

I started having dreams about insulin pumps! I don’t remember what specifically it was about insulin pumps but I could hear my cgm vibrations in my dreams. And, it went on for aaaa-ges…. until I realized it wasn’t part of my dream but it was my actual cgm alarm. It was the Weirdest thing.

Anyway, it was a high alarm so I took some insulin. And then at about 6am the alarm was that I was 4.4 mmols so I just snoozed that one. But I woke up feeling wretched and so tired, and all because of diabetes!

Saturday was definitely a puffy eye cream day!

Photo from Pixabay

Photo from Pixabay