I have been actively volunteering with Diabetes Ireland on this issue and believe that the Freestyle Libre glucose monitor should be available, without age restriction, to people with diabetes in Ireland.

Background Information

The Flash Glucose Monitor, the Freestyle Libre made by Abbott, was launched in Ireland for purchase in November 2016. The sensors for this monitor cost €120 per month which is not affordable for many people living with diabetes.

On 3 February 2017, Abbott submitted an application to the HSE's Primary Care Reimbursement Scheme for inclusion on the Long Term Illness Scheme so that it would be available to all who need it. 

2017 June 28 Update on the Libre’s application with the HSE for inclusion on the Long Term Illness Scheme

2018 January 24 My reaction to the HSE's announcement of the Freestyle Libre Reimbursement Scheme

2018 February 12 What’s Next in the Freestyle Libre Campaign?

2018 March 13 Libre4All Campaign Update

2018 March 30 Morning Ireland Interview with Anna Clarke, Diabetes Ireland and Campaigner Liz Murphy

2018 April 16 The Freestyle Libre; why we need it

2018 April 18 LMFM interview on The Michael Reade Show (Scroll to 1:09:40 to hear interview)

2018 April 19 Midlands Radio3 Interview with Will Faulkner

2018 April 18 Freestyle Libre Petition Presented to Government 

Photo credit: David Coleman

Photo credit: David Coleman

2018 June 25 Scroll down to “THE MOST IMPORTANT CONVERSATIONS HAPPEN AFTERWARDSA FreeStyle Libre UPDATE” of this post.

2019 March 5 - Diabetes Ireland shared an online survey

2019-03-05 Libre survey.png

2019 May 13 - Diabetes Ireland announcement

2019-05 Libre Thank you.png

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